RatingYDS ClassDescriptionExamples
Novice1For kids to elders. Mostly hiking trails. No use of hands. Burstall Pass, Sentanial Pass at Lake Louise, Cascade Amphitheatre, Ptarmigan Cirque
Intermediate1 ~ 2For hikers. This is equivalent of easy in the scramble books. Hand use may require occasionally for balance. Minor exposure but normally can be avoided.Mount Yamnuska, Mount Sparrowhawk, Heart Mountain, Turtle Mountain
Advanced1 ~ 3For regular hikers and scramblers. This is equivalent of moderate in the scramble books. Frequent use of hands for balance & climbing. A fall can be severe or fatal. Watch out for rock falls.Mount Temple, Compression Ridge, Crowsnest Mountain
Expert.1[a-c]1 ~ 4For capable scramblers and mountaineers. This is equivalent of difficult in the scramble books. Numbers 1 to 3 indicate more precise scale of difficulties. One being easiest and three being the most difficult within expert rating. Alphabet "a", "b", "c" indicates amount of difficult/climber's scramble or exposure involved. "a" means only few spots. "c" means full of difficult scrambles. "b" means somewhere between. Many pitches maybe near vertical and depending on your skill, you may want to bring a rope. Routefinding is essential for your safety as well as success of the climb. A fall will be fatal.Mount Lady Macdonald, Mount Indefatigable
Expert.2[a-c]Mount Burstall, Mount Whyte, Mount Engadine
Expert.3[a-c]1 ~ 5.xMount Smuts, Mount Fox, Mount Lougheed
Expert.[I-VI][5.0-5.14]1 ~ 5.xThis is generally for mountaineering. Rating used is based on combination of National Clumbing Glassification System (NCCS) and the Yosemite Decimal System.Mount Hector, Mount Assiniboine, Mount Robson

F I T N E S S  L E V E L
EasyFor kids to elders. Normally less than 7 km in distance or less than 700 m in elevation gain. Few hours to half day hike.Chester Lake, Stanley Glacier, Ptarmigan Cirque
ModerateFor average adults. You may get tired, but should be no problem. Around 10 km in distance or abound 900 m in elevation gain. Give yourself half day to full day.Mount Yamnuska, Turtle Mountain, Mount Saint Piran
HardFor adults who are in good shape. Without regular excurse, you will defiantly get sore muscle next day. Around 16 km in distance or abound 1300 m in elevation gain. Give yourself a full day.Middle Sister, Mount Lady Macdonald, Mount Sparrowhawk
AthleteFor adults who exercise daily. Don't need to be an athlete, but defiantly for peeps who exercise regularly. Over 19 km in distance or over 1500 m in elevation gain. Give yourself a long day.Banded Peak, Mount Kidd, Mount Temple