GW2 Event Tracker is a free utility for PC users. This program reads API provided by ArenaNet to check live status of dynamic events. Some of the key events such as world boss events are already registered in a watch list for you. If that is not enough, you can add more events in your own custom watch list to keep track of their status.

  • Show active dynamic events in selected map.
  • Show dynamic events which are "Active" or "Preparation" status in pre-defined watch list.
    If they are a part of a meta event, it displays progress of the meta event.
    Watch list includes:
    • Dragon events
    • Temple events
    • World boss events
    • Dungeon events also included when an appropriate map is selected
  • Create your own custom watch list to keep track of any dynamic events.
  • Keep track of which daily chest event and dungeon path you have completed. This check list will automatically resets as the game server resets.
  • Ability to show or hide inactive events.
  • Ability to show or hide non-chest events.
  • Hyperlink to visit to see more information about dyamic events.
  • Watch list and event datasheet will be automatically updated as if there are new versions for future contents or fixes.
  • Shows local time, server time, and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in the status bar.
  • Selecting a row will automatically copy a waypoint link, so that you can paste waypoint in in-game chat and share it with other players.
  • Shows how many minutes ago events started. (Limited to events started after the application is started)
  • Overlay popup and sound will keep you informed about recently activated events while you are playing the game. (Limited to window or windowed fullscreen mode.)

Orange rows are the main events for chest events. Blue rows indicates these events are in your custom watch list. Gray high listed rows are under preparation status. Brown font color rows are events you already have done.

You can edit some information of events and save it in your custom watch list.

You have choice to show events in watch lists or show events specific to a map. When you select a map it will show all the active events even when they are not in watch lists.

Right click on the grid will popup a menu to set grid options. You can hide certain rows. Quick link to set selected meta event as complete. Also have easy access to wiki for more details.

Chest event check list. This will be reset automatically at server reset time.

Overlay popup will display when there is a new event activated. You can set position of the popup in option screen.

Option sreen allows to configure some application behaviours.


  • VERSION (2013-10-18)
    • When new chest events become active, sound notification will be triggered once. This is different from popup. Popup shows any events which become active in last 3 min. You can turn this on/off from option.
    • Dungeon path check list added. This will reset at the server reset time.
    • No longer show "Scarlet has been driven off...for now." events in the grid.
    • Show/Hide event options you configure for grid also reflects popup as well.


  • VERSION (2013-09-24)
    • User Interface improvement.
    • Right click menu bar added on overlay popup. Now you can disable popup temporary and display event check list from popup screen's menu.
    • Show/hide non-custom event option on tracking screen's right click menu has been added.
    • Show/hide non-chest event option on tracking screen's right click menu became show/hide non-chest and non-custom event.
    • Custom list is added on map pull down menu. Selecting custom list will show all custom events, not just events that are active.
    • Events to show up in popup is corresponding to show/hide options on tracking screen's grid option.
    • Configuration icon on left bottom corner of tracking screen is removed.
    • No longer display multiple Scarlet selections in daily event check list screen.


  • VERSION (2013-08-27)
    • Performance improvement.
    • Overlay popup added. (You need to open graphics options then set resolution to window or windowed fullscreen.)
    • Chest event count is added in status bar.
    • Option screen is added to set application behaver.
    • Refresh button is moved to an icon on status bar (left bottom of window). Also you can temporary enable/disable popup from a drop down menu on this icon.
    • Flash task bar when a chest event become active.
    • Bug fix. Issue with starting application for the first time is fixed.


NOTE: Due to increase of number of dynamic events in recent living story updates, version and older is having issue starting application for the 1st time. I would suggest download latest version.

  • VERSION (2013-08-09)
    • Splash screen added at start up.
    • Submit button in Custom Event Editor screen is no longer available.
    • Refresh rate for checking event status is now 30 seconds. (Used to be 60 seconds)
    • By clicking a row in the main screen will automatically creates a waypoint link in clipboard, then you can paste the link in in-game chat.
    • Hide certain maps which are irrelevant such as Lion's Arch.


  • VERSION (2013-06-21)
    • Local time, server time, and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) are now displayed in the status bar.
    • Bug fix. Now correctly select and display event information in the custom event editor screen when there are multiple events with the same event name.


  • VERSION (2013-06-03)
    • Birth of GW2 Event Tracker
    • Some events in watch list may still be untested or beta stage. These will be automatically updated as they get verified.


    Please read install and uninstall section below for details.

    Download dotnetfx35setup.exe (Or download from Microsoft Download Center)


This program is written in c# (Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5). Unfortunately I only have Visual Studio Express version (free version) which does not come with handy installer creator, so I cannot create an installer for you. Thus, you may have problem running this program if your PC does not have .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed. In this case you have to download and install .NET Framework manually.

Windows 8: .NET Framework 3.5 is an optional, thus you may need to install it manually.
Windows 7: More likely your PC already has .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed.
Windows Vista and XP: More likely you have to install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 manually.

That said here are the steps:

  1. Download from download section above.
  2. Unzip the file in a folder of your choice. This folder can be anywhere you'd like.
  3. Double click GW2EventTracker.exe to start the program. For the first time, it may take longer than normal. If the program starts up, that's all you need. If you get an error message and program won't start then follow the next step.
  4. Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 from download section above,
    or download it from Microsoft Download Center directly. Now you should have no problem running the program.

Simply download the latest version and overwrite older GW2EventTracker.exe with new one.

Simply delete the folder you have created where you saved GW2EventTracker.exe.


World vs World Labeled Map

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