Little Lawson Peak | 2011.05.29

Little Lawson Peak
  • Location: Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)
  • Activity: Scrambling
  • Height: 2,384 m (7,822 ft)
  • Elevation Gain: 840 m (2,756 ft)
  • Distance: 8.4 km / Round Trip (5.2 mi)
  • Avg Steepness: 11.3°
  • Estimated Time: 4-6 hrs
  • Technicality: Intermediate
  • Fitness Level: Moderate

Calvin who I met at Blackrock decided to go to “Little Lawson Peak” which is just a south ridge of Mount Lawson. Nugara calls this “Little Lawson Peak”, and Bob Spirko calls this ““South End of Lawson”. I decided to call it Little Lawson as well since Nugara posted this trip before Bob.

We pretty much copy cat Bob’s track. Right after Spillway Lake, there is a closed road. We parked in front of the gate and followed the road on foot to get to the bottom of ascent ridge. At the near end of a flume, we saw a small snowshoe trail sign. We went off-road from there and start light bushwhacking to the ridge. Although I am not 100% positive since still was snow covered, but there seems to be a trail for this. No route-finding here. We kept punching through snow all the way to the summit by staying on ridge. Right before the summit, the ridge became bit narrow for 5 m. For this I rate this scramble not hike, but other than that, this is easy hiking with awesome view of Opal Range.

* Grid References (GR) is based on WGS84 which can be considered as NAD83 (The difference is inciginificant)


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