Chester Lake 11 | 2011.01.15

Chester Lake III
  • Location: Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)
  • Activity: Ski Touring
  • Height: 2,220 m (7,284 ft)
  • Elevation Gain: 310 m (1,017 ft)
  • Distance: 8.5 km / Round Trip (5.3 mi)
  • Avg Steepness: 3.5°
  • Estimated Time: 2-4 hrs
  • Technicality: Novice
  • Fitness Level: Easy

I joined Scramblers for a ski touring event to Chester Lake. As avalanche forecast being high for more than a week, I felt I needed to go safe at least until I get out and see condition myself. Because of deep snow without any steep hills to ski, we didn't do much skiing at all, but going down trail to parking lot was fast.

One note. They made a change in trail that traditional ski trail is now one way for descent. They put a sign to indicate that but it wasn't clear where is new ascent route was. Because of that we ignored the sign. I suggest to do some homework if you are going to go skiing there. Here is related link from Kananaskis Country Trail.

* Grid References (GR) is based on WGS84 which can be considered as NAD83 (The difference is inciginificant)