Family Diary | 2003-12-29

Yahoo!, it's ski time. I waited for this for 2 years. I haven't had skied at a real ski hill for 5 years. I was so happy to ski. First time in 5 years I could ski like crazy, hehehe.


Family Diary | 2003-12-30

On the way to home after skiing. My legs got cramp while I was skiing, I had to pull over and stretch. Never happened before, I guess I skied hard.


Family Diary | 2004-01-01

Happy new year, and happy new year traditional meal, and I am not happy at all, because I do not like this new year traditional food. I never have liked it.


Family Diary | 2004-01-02

One more unhappy new year food with my brother's family at my house. Why did I have to eat my "favorite" food 2 days in a row. I think I just find another reason, why I like North America.


Family Diary | 2004-01-04

A Japanese new year tradition, called Hatsumoude. It's like going to a church and pray, we go to a shrine, and pray on new year's day. Although everyone does this, but most of the people do not recognize this is a religious practice. I didn't feel that way until I took non-western religion at college, then I learned Hatsumoude is really a religious thing.


Family Diary | 2004-01-04

This is a temple near my house. A small shrine.


Family Diary | 2004-01-04

The front of shrine. See the bells and ropes? People though coins at a box then shake one of these rope, and make noise. Then clap and pray.


Family Diary | 2004-01-04

See I am praying. People usually wish something. Feel like a my birthday.


Family Diary | 2004-01-04

Old talismans had to be burned. Bad boys and girls too. See that white stuff? That's their born.


Family Diary | 2004-01-13

My mom's new work. This time it's bluish color, and as usual, as soon as the quilt opened on the floor, my cat steps on to let us know that it's his territory.


Family Diary | 2004-01-23

My cat sleeping under sunlight. He sleeps all the time. After all he is an old cat now.