Tokyo Elsewhere | 2003-10-03

Asakusa Kannon Temple. There is a famous huge lantern, but when I visited the temple, the lantern was not there to fix it. So go to their homepage to see the lantern. Never mind they don't have homepage.


Tokyo Elsewhere | 2003-10-03

Gift shops at Asakusa Kannon. Such a famous tourist place there are so many people and shops. Isn't this supposed to be a religious thing or what?


Tokyo Elsewhere | 2003-09-27

Shibuya, a place for teenagers. Myself used to come here sometimes when I was a high school kid because my school was only 2 train stations away and I had to change line here in Shibuya. This place is always packed especially after school, not on weekends.


Tokyo Elsewhere | 2003-09-27

Look at the people acrossing road! Look at the brave woman in the center. She is even running in this cloud. Oh my goodness. (This was weekend not weekday after school time)


Tokyo Elsewhere | 2003-09-27

People people people, everywhere is full of people. Nut. This street is Takeshita street, very famous street for some reason, and every young person want to come here. Not me though. The entrance of the street was the closest I could go.


Tokyo Elsewhere | 2003-09-28

Tokyo Dome City. The toll building is hotel, and you can see a small theme park, and the Tokyo Dome, a baseball stadium aka egg, behind the hotel.


Tokyo Elsewhere | 2003-09-28

This is famous Akihabara. All stores you see and can't see are all electrical appliance stores. There is nothing you can't find here. It's like being in small town where all stores sell only portable music players, computers, and parts of devices. Oh, and porn videos too.


Tokyo Elsewhere | 2003-09-29

Near my office, there is Kinko's. I guess as long as there is an office, there is a Kinko's.