R E C E N T  U P D A T E
Mount Victoria - Yoho National Park

Mount Victoria


Back to Mount Victoria. Unlike the pervious attempt, the condition was our friend. I wish I didn't forget my memory card for camera…
Wiwaxy East Peak - Yoho National Park

Wiwaxy East Peak


Peaks around Lake O'Hara never disappoints me. Wiwaxy East Peak is another peak with superb view.
Mount Kent - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Mount Kent


There are peaks I won't do it again. Mount Kent is one of them. The reason… TOO BORING!
Mount Edith Cavell - Jasper National Park

Mount Edith Cavell


You may not know Edith Cavell by the peak name but this is a famous spot in the Rockies where Angel Glacier is.
Mount Willingdon - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Mount Willingdon


Shameful shameful, I couldn't reach the summit of Mount Willingdon. Oh well least it's a pretty place to go visit.
Galatea South - Kananaskis Country (Highway 742)

Galatea South


Unplanned second attempt to south peak of Mount Galatea. It was easy and I was able to get off the peak before storm.
Mount Owen - Yoho National Park

Mount Owen


Mount Owen is not commonly visited. Perhaps hardly ever visited. This peak offers so many views of popular peaks around.
Mount Norquay - Banff National Park (Townsite)

Mount Norquay


Scrambling with CSMC. Our mistake made Mount Norquay more difficult then already rated difficult peak.
Narao Peak - Yoho National Park

Narao Peak


Return to Narao. Last time was in winter and I had a doubt making all the way to the summit. This time I made it to the summit.
Mount Noyes - Banff National Park (Icefields Parkway)

Mount Noyes


Some reason, I normally climb peaks along Icefield Parkway in winter, but not this time. Noyes is not so often climbed, but well worth it.
Spionkop Ridge to Loaf Mountain - Castle-Crown Wildness

Spionkop Ridge to Loaf Mountain


Spionkop-Loaf Mtn traverse was one of my favorite ridgewalk even though I can't remember how to spell Spionkop.
McGillivray Ridge to Ma Butte - Crowsnest Pass

McGillivray Ridge to Ma Butte


Well hidden spot even from CNP locals. McGillivray and Ma Butte was very enjoyable grassy ridgewalk.
Bertha Peak - Waterton Lakes National Park

Bertha Peak


Another one of the peaks I failed before. I revisited Bertha Peak on July long weekend to enjoy the heat.
Volcano to McDougall to Old Baldy - Kananaskis Country (Highway 40)

Volcano to McDougall to Old Baldy


Joined CSMC to do 3 peak traverse. Volcano was little bonus but McDougall and Old Baldy was pretty awesome peaks.
Wynn Mountain - The United State

Wynn Mountain


My first peak in Glacier National Park in Montana. Since Sonny's park pass was expiring we decided to take one more use of it.
Mt Galwey to Bellevue Hill - Waterton Lakes National Park

Mt Galwey to Bellevue Hill


Combined Galwey and Bellevue. Galwey has its dominant look and having such a great weather helped me to take good pictures.
Nihahi Ridge (South) - Kananaskis Country (Highway 66/68)

Nihahi Ridge (South)


The plan was to do whole Nihahi traverse but my tired body didn't allow me to do this. So I stopped at a high point.
Mount Crandell - Waterton Lakes National Park

Mount Crandell


My first 2013 real scramble was Crandell in Waterton. I need to get my mojo back for summer.